At Ryde Insurance service is our top priority. We make it easy to get an accurate quote, issue a policy and get you the paperwork you need.  Of course  we would like to see you in person but if that is difficult, we can make buying insurance from your home or  office simple. We can offer you a quote on the web, with a printable fax based form or on the phone. We can issue a policy and get you the necessary paperwork using the web, fax, mail or email. Get a free, no obligation quote or let us review your current policy. Give us a try today, you'll be glad you did.

Our Services

Low Rates - Save 10 - 40%

We make it our business to find you the right policy at the right price. Many companies will offer discounts up to 40% if you qualify. Are you getting the discounts you deserve?
  • Safe Driver discount

  • Experience discount

  • Transfer discount

  • Homeowner discount

  • Renewal discount

  • Multi Bike discount

  • Safety Course discount

  • Discount for factory installed alarm

  • ABS brakes discount

  • Member of national riding group

  • Good Credit History

  • Pay premium in full discount

Easy Payment Plans  

We have a payment plan to fit your budget. We accept all major credit cards & also accept PayPal payments. We can arrange monthly EFT (electronic funds transfer) payment from your checking account. Depending on your needs, we can offer a variety of 2, 3, 4 or 6 premium payment plans which allows you to pay us or the insurance company over time.
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Accurate Quotes

Avoid costly surprises later. Know exactly what your insurance will cost. We spend the time before we write a policy to provide you with an  accurate, honest quote. We look forward to the opportunity to review your motorcycle insurance needs. As an Independent Insurance Agent it is our goal to provide you with the best coverage at the lowest price from one of  top quality companies we represent

Full Coverage - Low price- No worries!

Don't be "penny wise, dollar foolish" when it comes to protecting yourself or your motorcycle. We offer comprehensive  (fire & theft) and collision policies at very competitive rates. We offer higher limits of liability  to protect you and your property. Depending on your vehicle, we can offer you ACV value or agreed value for your bike and accessories. Let us tailor a policy with the coverage that works for you.  Most full coverage policies include towing and roadside  assistance. Even if you run out of gas just call the 800 number and help is on the way! Now that's peace of mind!

 Change of Policy -  No Problem!

Our service doesn't stop after you buy a policy at Ryde Insurance Agency.  Change of address, change of bike, change of coverage, need to add a bike- no problem. Use our Change Of Policy Fax Form and we will take care of the details.

Change Of Broker

If you are not happy with your current broker, we can become your broker. We can provide you with the service you deserve by filling out a Change of Broker form which would make us your Broker Of Record and would allow us to service your policy. Use this link to get Change of Broker form 

No Obligation Policy Review

Are you getting the lowest rate? Do you have the proper coverage? Are you with the right company for you and your type of motorcycle? Not sure. Let us do a free policy review.  All you will need to fax us a copy of your current declaration page and fill out a policy review form. After  we receive your information, we will review your insurance needs and review your policy line by line and determine if we can offer you a better policy. Get your no obligation, free policy review today..

 Dealer Programs

NY Dealers: If you are a motorcycle dealer we can offer you an easy way to get your customer insured and on the road. We can issue a policy 7 days a week and get you the necessary insurance paper work like an FS-21 or binder in your hands fast! We specialize in finding a competitive rate for hard to insure customers and working with your salesperson to close the deal! Need a quote use our easy to use web based Free Quote form or use our printable faxed based Motorcycle Quote worksheet. Ask about our dealer referral program.

Buying a Motorcycle from a Dealer? We make it easy to get your new bike properly insured.  We can work directly with your salesperson at the dealer and get the necessary insurance paperwork like a FS-21 or policy binder to the dealer for you. Give us a call, give us the details and will do the rest! Get your quote today!

Roadside Assistance & Towing

Roadside Assistance & Towing is now available on a basic liability policy! Motorcycles are great when everything is going well but what do you do when you run out of gas or get a flat tired? Do you have roadside assistance and towing coverage on your policy? We can offer you this coverage and  peace of mind in most cases for a nominal price. With this coverage, help is just a phone call away.  Get a free, no obligation quote now.

 Ryde Insurance - Service is Our Top Priority!

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Ryde Insurance - You ride it, We can Insure it! 


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